The forest community of Huckleberry Hollow welcomes a newborn family to the Hollow, a family of Snowshoe hares. One of the young ones is especially frisky and daring; always using his long strong back legs to their fullest potential! When the first snow comes Sunny can no longer keep up his daring tricks; but discovers someone who can, Jonathan on his snowboard! With determination and fearlessness Sunny learns the art of snowboarding and finds a lifelong friend in Jonathan.

Printed and bound in Canada by "Friesens", this delightful book features over 20 full colour illustrations within its 40 pages, a map of "Huckleberry Hollow and an informative fact sheet about Snowshoe hares at the end of the story. The hard cover is full colour glossy plastic laminate.


ISBN 978-0-9686275-0-1