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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked in my travels. Who knows, one of these might just be yours!

Do You Have Kids?
Where Were You Born?
Did You Always Want To Be An Author / Illustrator?
Why Did You Want To Write And Illustrate Animal Stories For Children?
Do I Have To Read Your Picture Books In The Order The Volumes Are Numbered?
I See A Face Hiding In The Water , Sky And Mist In "Finn Fawn & Mountain Adventures" Who Is She ?
What inspired you to want to paint?
Why did you want to write a fantasy?
Do you believe in magic?
When will the third and final book in the Chronicles of Mineria be released?





Do you have kids ?

Yes, I have two sons, Jonathan and Jesse, and a step son, James. Jonathan is the boy in my picture book series. Jesse is a character that appears in my book FIRE. Jesse has a degree in Animation, and designed the book cover for SNOWBOARDING BUNNY'S MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE.

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Where were you born ?

I was born in Nelson, B.C. and spent the first few years of my life in the ghost town of Sandon.

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Did you always want to be an Author / Illustrator ?

No, the thought of becoming an author or an illustrator never occurred to me. I had been a teacher for twenty years before I discovered I had a gift for painting animals. My love of childrens stories and painting animals were the inspiration behind the dream of creating a series of children's books . The picture books gave me the experience and confidence to write The Chronicles of Mineria for more mature readers.

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Why did you want to write and illustrate animal stories for children ?

I love reading childrens books. On a busy, complicated, stress filled day, reading a childrens book puts life back into perspective. A children's book can make you laugh, make you feel, make you appreciate life at its simple best. It makes me want to write stories and paint pictures that inspire children to read, dream, imagine, laugh and feel empathy for the animals we share our world with.

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Do I have to read your picture books in order that the volumes are numbered?

No! Each book can be enjoyed on its own. What ties the stories together as a series is the setting map, the mischief maker Wiley Fox, and the mouse that hides in the illustrations.

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I see a face hiding in the water , sky and mist in "Finn Fawn" and "Mountain Adventures" Who is she ?

This is the face of the good luck fairy that appears when the main characters need her. She is also on the front cover of ICE. In “The Chronicles of Mineria,” you will read about where she came from and learn why she appears in our world. It links the picture books to the fantasy trilogy for older readers.

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What inspired you to want to paint ?

I love to escape the hectic business of everyday life to enjoy the soothing solitude of our forests and lakes; to get as close as I can to the wildlife...to take a moment to study a tiny bird...to watch the exotic heron resting on the beach...to kayak through the early morning mist with the loons...gaze into the innocent eyes of a fawn..feel the exhilaration of horses running free-spirited through an open field...

This is what inspires me to paint. This is what fuels my imagination.

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Why did you want to write fantasy?

I enjoy reading fantasy. It ignites my imagination. So, when a scratched and dented gazing globe suddenly appeared in my garden, while I was contemplating a new adventure for Snowboarding Bunny, a fantasy involving a magic gazing globe began to take shape. Anything can happen in a fantasy. Imagination is boundless.

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Do you believe in magic ?

Yes! The more I write my trilogy “The Chronicles of Mineria”, the more I'm beginning to notice similarities between other stories written by other authors, many of whom I have never met, spoken to, or even heard of. Fairies, winged beings (angels), dragons and other mythical beasts, ghosts, spirits and magic have found their way into all our imaginations, stories and cultures since the beginning of recorded time. There must be something to it all!

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When will the third and final book in the Chronicles of Mineria be released?

"Air" is now available in libraries, bookstores and online.

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